We are happy to announce the Presentation of Shaping the NEW in Pécs!

September 20th: Concert at Nádor Galéria (Új Látásmód Fúzió koncert)
September 21: Concerts at Nádor Galéria (Hurikán BM516 (Brno, CZ), Blu Simon ‘Wasem (BR/CZ) majd open mixer az EzmBA hallgatókkal)
September 22: 17h, Damjanich utca 30: Exhibition opening (Kukamű kiállításmegnyitó (felhívás közreműködésre itt: http://www.art.pte.hu/hirek/1273 !)
September 29: 17h, Zsolnay E33/110: presentation and talk about the project “Shaping the NEW” (Katja Melzer & Balazs Kovacs)

– Hurikán BM516: https://sites.google.com/site/hurikan516/
– Hugo & Zoe: http://frauimhotel.bandcamp.com/
– Blu Simon ‘Wasem: http://soundcloud.com/nomade-label/
– Forum4am: http://www.forum4am.cz/
– Kosice artist in residence: http://www.kosice2013.sk/sk/k-a-i-r-umelecke-rezidencie


Performance by Ghenadie Popescu, at Árkád Shopping Center Pécs, Hungary, May 23rd, 2011.

Animation made by Ghenadie Popescu during his 2 months artist residency in Pécs, Hungary in the frame of the project “Shaping the NEW”. (April, May 2011)

Ghenadie Popescu: “Citizens”, wood, wire, installation foam, 2011. (all photos are take by the artist)

On May 13 – 14. 2011 the 11th Wheelbarrow Olympics (Hung: “Talicskaolimpia”) took place in Hosszúhetény, a Hungarian village close to Pécs. This event is dedicated to the wheelbarrow, so sport events as well as cultural events connected to this vehicle took place. As this is one of Ghenadie Popescus favourite tools, naturally he also took part – not in the competitions, but with a unique sculpture, exclusively designed and built for this event.

Here are some more infos about the Wheelbarrow Olympics (in Hungarian): http://talicskaolimpia.hosszuheteny.com/

And here in English: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wheelbarrow_Olympics

A short interview with Ghenadie during the Festival: (in Engl. + Hung.):

One of the races:


May 16, 2011

All photos are taken by Ghenadie Popescu in Pécs, 2011.

Info about the project

April 14, 2011

If you know Slovakian, you can also check the homepage of Kosice2013, for some more info about the project:

From April 1st – May 31st, 2011, Ghenadie Popescu received an artist residency in Pécs. If you dont know Pécs, here is some info about the EU Capital of Culture 2010 in Hungary: Link

Széchenyi tér (the main square)

Our project starts

April 13, 2011

With a slight delay, we start our project blog now. About Ghenadie Popescu, about Pécs, and about Ghenadie Popescu in Pécs! Enjoy, and comment!